when a person talked behind u, it's either she, he or both are cowards.
reading this really make me laugh. said i lied about the budhist monks secrets, and took it from Eat stop Eat is showing about how she, i mean he really lacks of knowledge.
first i never claimed its my own invention, even on TV or my seminar i always say it's known as Intermittent Fasting in States.. i even credited some of the books in US on the TV, and there are LOTS of books about it..   BUT THE IDEA OF INTERMITTENT FASTING IS ALSO NOT ORIGINAL.. since nothing is..
Did i look on google to fulfill my knowledege before i wrote it down? Yes. Did it come from some of those sources? YES. i never said NO. BUT saying bad stuff behind me about things He doesn't even know more is actually showing what a person this Carlo is. :) saying "Stupid" on my name there also really make my lawyer wants to see him personally. but that will be another story :)
now let me answer u.. do i lie about the taxi driver as he accused me? No. i have a proof of my international WingChun certificate taken from Ipman association and lots of pictures of me with ipChun (son of Ipman) when im at Hongkong that time. does it come from monks fasting? well that's what i first learn the idea that time.. so for mr/miss Carlo, let me fill u with a little knowledge:

Rules for Budhist / Monks Theravada tradition :

To abstain from taking food at inappropriate times. This would mean following the tradition of Theravadin monks and not eating from noon one day until sunrise the next.

Fasting in the monastic community is considered an ascetic practice, a "dhutanga" practice. (Dhutanga means "to shake up" or "invigoration.") Dhutangas are a specific list of thirteen practices, four of which pertain to food: EATING ONCE A DAY , eating at one sitting, reducing the amount you eat, on alms-round, eating only the food that you receive at the first seven houses. These practices are adopted by individuals voluntarily, they are not required in the normal course of a Buddhist monastic's life of practice.

lets go further, in MUSLIM  it self FASTING is common.
one of the famous is PUASA NABI DAUD which teach u to Eat stop Eat (maybe Carlo can say that its also copycat?)
or lets go further..
When Mahatma Gandhi was asked why he fasted, he said he had been inspired by memorable quotations of noteworthy human beings who’d fasted before him.

Here are a few of those:

A passage from Exodus regarding Moses states, “He was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.”

One of Muhammad’s disciples, Abu Umamah, came to him for guidance exclaiming, “Order me to do a deed that will allow me to enter Paradise.”, and Muhammad answered, “Stick to fasting, as there is no equivalent to it.

Perhaps one of the most notable fasters, Jesus Christ, who beat the devil in the desert while on a 40 day fast advised, “When you fast, do not put on a sad face as the hypocrites do. They neglect their appearance so that everyone will see that they are fasting. I assure you, they have already been paid in full. When you go without food, wash your face and comb your hair, so that others cannot know that you are fasting – only your Father, who is unseen, will know. And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.”

Fasting Method is ancient...

NOW for my work out That i put on the eBook that he said i didn't create that and i took the pictures from google... damn he's right!
if u read my eBook around the pages 49 i said it's NOT my original, i just change the name to suit my OCD. i even said there, it been around with the name HIT or high intensive training.  who claimed i invent this?

well, im not normally respons to ppl who talk behind me..
but since im making a seminar about it and one reason for him or her saying this is maybe he doesn't have the money or can't get the ticket to join so just come to my seminar i'll give u free ticket.

envious is human being


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OCD works!! itu adalah fakta. dan karena ini bekerja maka banyak pihak yg merasa dirugikan atau mengambil keuntungan dgn menjual obat atau suplement menggunakan nama OCD..

dan itu merugikan semua pihak.

bukan hanya itu, banyak pihak yg menentang dan mengatakan OCD tidak baik dan sebagainya untuk kepentingan mereka sendiri. OCD sudah di teliti oleh Dr Fredy Wilmana seorang ahli anti aging yang sangat di hargai oleh dunia kedokteran. Tapi namanya Haters will always hate.

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remember, the more we share the more we get!

love u all

Deddy Corbuzier

org bijak pernah bicara pada saya, jalan ke surga itu biasanya Gratis..

share it tell THE WORLD


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he Potentially Dangerous Side Effects of Steroids

You've been going to the gym everyday and working your butt off. You drink protein shakes, eat loads of chicken, and see some muscle gain. Your happy. Then you notice the new guy at gym is getting big real fast. He only started 3 months ago and he's putting on size like there's no tomorrow. What the???Obviously he's on roids and your starting to wonder whether you should chuck in the towel or jump on the train. It's tempting. Why work so hard when you're only going to see mediocre results compared to the other guy.Steroids obviously work, but are they worth it? And are they guaranteed?The Technical Mumbo Jumbo:Hundreds of distinct steroids have been identified in plant, animals, and fungi. The steroids associated with muscle growth are called anabolic steroids.Anabolic steroids are a class of natural and synthetic steroid hormones that promote cell growth and division of tissue and bone. They not only effect muscle tissue but various other organs as well. Testosterone is the most potent natural anabolic steroid.Testosterone is primarily secreted in the testicals of males and the ovaries of females. It is the principal male sex hormone. On average, the adult male body produces about twenty times the amount of testosterone of an adult female's body.Testosterone naturally increases in males at puberty and causes these effects:- Increased libido and erection frequency- Pubic hair extends to thighs and up toward umbilicus- Facial hair (sideburns, beard, mustache)- Chest hair, periareolar hair, perianal hair- Increased tendency for violence or aggressive- Subcutaneous fat in face decreases- Increased muscle strength and mass- Deepening of voice- Growth of the adam's apple- Growth of spermatogenic tissue in testes, male fertility- Growth of jaw, brow, chin, nose, and remodeling of facial bone contours- Shoulders widen and rib cage expandsThe Risks:The side effects of using anabolic steroids vary depending on the type of drug, dosage, duration of use and individual sensitivity and response.To be straight with you, there are more stories and myths about steroid effects than you can poke a stick at. But some of the more common and documented effects include severe acne, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, impotence, and mood swings.So if you think you can handle that, then you're all set... Well, not really.Besides the shrunken testicals, people who take large doses (like what's needed for muscle gain) can lose control of their emotions and become irritable and really aggressive. Little things can make them hysterically angry. This is what is called "roid rage".A case study published in the Australian Medical Journal (165:222-26) reviewed the evidence concerning the effects of anabolic steroids on the mind.The case centered on a 29-year-old bodybuilder who beat his wife to death using a weapon described as a claw hammer. While he committed this horrific act, his four children were in another part of the house. He then shot himself in the head. Before this incident, his home life had been described as ‘‘happy.’’This man had used steroids off and on for years, and seven weeks before the murder, he had used a steroid stack consisting of Winstrol-V and sustanon, both injectable steroids. A later urine test showed that he also used Valium, a muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety drug
the concept of “calories in versus calories out” is greatly oversimplified, and in my opinion, seriously outdated.When I hear people repeat notions like “a calorie is a calorie” I like to reply: “That’s like saying a cubic zirconia is the same as a sparkling diamond.”Here’s why, plus five more common diet and weight-loss myths.Myth: Calories, not quality, impact weight
A University of Florida study found that people who consume more antioxidants maintain lower BMIs, smaller waistlines, and lower body-fat percentages than those with lower intakes, even though both groups consumed about the same number of daily calories–a strong indication that the nutrients calories are bundled with play a key role in metabolism. Other research has uncovered similar effects. Wake Forest University researchers found that even at the same calorie and fat levels, monkeys fed foods high in trans fat gained four times more weight and 30% more belly fat compared to animals who munched on meals made with natural plant-based fat. More evidence that eating 500 calories worth of processed or fast food does not have the same impact on the body as eating a 500-calorie meal composed of fruits, veggies, whole grain, lean protein, and heart healthy fat (cubic zirconia versus diamond).Myth: The math is precise
This week, a Harvard professor created a buzz when she spoke out about the shortcomings of the 100+ year old formula used to determine the calorie values many people rely upon. Turns out, based on further study, several foods actually contain less, because some components don’t get digested. Incomplete digestion means that rather than being absorbed into the body, where calories have to be burned, used, or stored, some simply travel through your digestive system, to become excreted as waste. This type of analysis led to the recent insight that almonds supply about 30% fewer calories than the label states, while other foods may pack more than expected. In addition, many studies have shown that after ingestion, some foods, like ginger and chili pepper, or food patterns, like vegan diets, increase metabolic rate, triggering you to burn more calories. In short, 2 + 2 may equal 6–or 3!Myth: Numbers don’t lie
Don’t shoot the messenger, but by law, most products are allowed a 20% variance when it comes to the accuracy of the calories stated on the label. So if a frozen dinner lists 300 calories, it could actually contain over 350. If you eat several packaged foods each day, and you’re a calorie counter, you may wind up with a few hundred more than you budgeted for. And that’s for sanctioned “wiggle room.” A recent Today Show investigation found that the numbers on diet frozen treats were off by as much as 68%.Myth: Counting calories is a surefire strategy
Can you count calories and still gain weight? Maybe. In a recent study from the University of California, San Francisco, scientists randomly assigned 121 women to one of four protocols. The first tracked their calories, keeping them to 1,200 a day. The second ate normally, but recorded the number of calories they consumed. The third ate 1,200 calories a day, but didn’t have to record them, and the fourth ate normally, without any calorie tracking. Researchers found that when calories were limited, levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, rose. And calorie counting, even without limitations, also made the women more stressed. Cortisol is known to rev up appetite, spike cravings for fatty and sugary foods, and lead to an increase in belly fat, so causing it to surge surely isn’t a smart weight-control strategy.Myth: All calories are created equal
There are three types of calories your body needs: Carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Because each performs a unique function, they aren’t interchangeable, so getting the right amount of each is important. For example, if you ate too few protein calories and too many carb calories, the jobs that proteins do wouldn’t get done, and the surplus carb calories would get sent straight to your fat cells. This can result in weight gain, as well as the loss of muscle mass, dry, dull hair and skin, hormonal imbalances, and a weaker immune system. Too much or too little of all three calorie types can lead to unwanted side effects, so getting a certain number of daily calories, without regard to the type of food, just doesn’t make sense.Myth: Counting calories is necessary
In one recent survey, only 12% of adults were able to accurately estimate the number of daily calories they need for their age, height, weight, and physical activity level. If you’ve overestimated your calorie needs, which I’ve seen many clients do, counting won’t create results. Or if the quality, balance, or even timing of your calories is off kilter, counting may also be futile. For these reasons and the others above, I’ve seen clients start to eat more calories and finally break a weight loss plateau, and achieve real and lasting results. I’m not saying to ignore calories completely, but don’t obsess over them. Instead, choose more fresh foods, or foods as close to their natural state as possible; strive for a balance of “good” carbs, lean protein and healthy fats to help your body function optimally; eat breakfast every day to jump-start your metabolism, eat on a regular schedule, spacing your meals about 3-5 hours apart; pay attention as you eat and stop when you feel just full enough, satisfied, energized, and ready to move on with your day. When you listen, your body is pretty good at telling you how much it needs, no math required.